FLIR One Pro Gen 3: Thermal Camera from Flir

01 Oct 2019 | |

The Flir One Pro is a high performance thermal imaging camera and it is compatible with most Android and iOS mobile devices. You can use this camera for professional purposes with the included MSX technology, the FLIR One Pro ensures superior image quality and also includes built-in batteries which means it does not drain your phones power. This is an ideal thermal camera for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Specs and Improvements:

If you have already used the previous version of this device, the improvements the new version offers will surprise you. Here are the specs:

Minimum requirements

This camera can be attached to numerous Android and iOS mobile devices. Here are the minimum requirements:

Where To Buy In Australia?

If you are already sold and are looking to buy the FLIR One Pro Gen 3 then you might be wondering where you can pick one up at a reasonable price. Finding a new thermal camera for a reasonable price can be difficult here in Australia if you aren't sure where to look. You can find the FLIR One Pro on this website who are currently offering one of the best best prices for the FLIR One Pro Gen 3. Before you make your purchase, you will need to keep in mind that you will need to select the model which suits the phone type you will be working with.

Advanced features

Flir One Pro Gen 3 comes with some really useful functions. While the standard Flir One Pro has only the MSX view, the current version allows you to switch to visual camera or raw thermal view.

For numbers, you have to look at the spot temperature meter. The center of the screen displays the spot meter. You can use your finger to drag the meter around the frame.

Recording heat

Thermal images can be captured by just tapping a button on the screen. This is not very different from other camera apps. It lets you take not only photos and videos but also time-lapse recordings. The process of switching between modes is almost intuitive. You can do it even if you have never used a thermal imaging camera app.

You have to install the Flir app on your phone, and the app stores all thermal recordings. It also stores relevant thermal metadata. If you need to know specific temperature differences, what you have to do is to switch between color palettes.

Sharing your thermal photos on social media can be fun, but having fun is not the only reason for having a thermal imaging camera. Detecting the differences in temperatures is very useful in plumbing, construction, electrical wiring and many other activities.

If you are a construction or plumbing worker, you know that cool spots mean weakening joints. Warm spots may mean many things, including pets and power adapters. The technology is now successfully used in many sectors.

Affordable for amateurs

The relative simplicity of this thermal camera can be a bit misleading, because the camera can be used for professional purposes. Affordability is another reason why so many people are interested in this device. The price is around $200, which is affordable for amateurs.

If you are an amateur photographer and you are interested in thermography, FLIR One Pro Gen 3 thermal camera can be the best choice for you. You can use it to look for frayed wires, leaky pipes, ghosts and what not!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions that come from people interesting in thermal imaging cameras. We will try to answer the questions in brief.

Q: Will this camera use my phone battery? 

 A: No. This camera has a rechargeable internal battery.

Q: Can I keep this camera in my pocket? 

A: Yes, FLIR One Pro Gen 3 will perfectly fit in your pocket.

Q: Can it be used to see through cloths and walls? 

A: No. This camera provides thermal vision, not X-ray vision.

Q: What is the range this thermal camera? 

A: With some accuracy, it can range up to 50 meters. It can capture objects further away, but not at the same measurement accuracy.

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The second benefit is the fact that underfloor heating is cost effective. According to the laws of physics, hot air rises which is why it is usually such a struggle to keep the floor warm. Most of the time, with an electric heating system, it takes a longer time to get the floor warm because as stated before, heat rises. However, since hydronic heating works from the ground up, there is no heat loss and as a result and the heating systems helps keep the room warmer for longer with less energy consumption. This means that you will not have to fire up your furnace as often as you possibly would and you would end up saving a lot of energy in the process. Apart from this, you will save quite a lot in your heating bills.

The third benefit which is perhaps a benefit to many is the fact that the hydronic system is friendly to people with allergies. The traditional method of heating forces air to circulate in your vents taking with it dust particles, pollen and other debris that might cause allergies. For people who are particularly sensitive to allergens as well as people living with health issues like asthma. A hydronic floor heating system is ideal for a home with a new baby as well. The last thing you want for a new baby is an unhealthy environment. With traditional heating system, you could vacuum five times a day and still end up with a congested little one which will only be frustrating for both mum and baby. An underfloor heating system does not force anything into the air as it does not use any fans or blowers and this ensures that the air you breathe in is clean and healthy.